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About Us

We are an emerging B2B Financial company pioneered in providing assisted banking services countrywide.We will keep the momentum going and will succeed in new heights shortly. Being an industry leader, we always intend to uniformly innovate and provide the latest fintech technology & payment solutions to our users.

Striving to produce solutions to your payment needs, we create the products you asked for.

Our Mission
  • Our mission is to make everyone's life easy & secure in terms of banking and other financial requirements.
  • To provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers.
Our Vision
  • Our vision is to provide timely, up-to-date, and cost-effective financial services and make it globally available.
Our Outputs
  • Transferring funds has now become simpler than ever before with the Find Your Wish Portal.
  • Using Find Your Wish Portal, you can pay your vendors and employees, disburse & initiate instant refunds in bulk.
  • Nepal Money Transfer: launch of Indo-Nepal remittance services in partnership with Nepal's Prabhu Money group to help migrant Nepali workers.
  • We are constantly upgrading our services on online platforms; to fulfil all banking requirements soon.
Our Values
  • We focus on integrity and honesty and deliver exceptional financial services.We are determinant, Dedicated, and disciplined to our work.
  • We are determinant, Dedicated, and disciplined to our work.
  • We committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Our Strategy
  • To support businesses to accept and manage recurring payments from customers, effortlessly.
  • To help businesses disburse bulk payments seamlessly to anyone, anytime using NEFT, IMPS or UPI.
  • To enhance cash flow for businesses by settling their money into the bank account at the same time.
  • To deliver a more secure and continuous payment experience to our partners.
  • We propagate a vibrant long-term plan which is based on our determination, ideas, work and values that helps us positively to shape the future of our company.
Technological Strength
  • We have SSL Certified twin servers under our own firewalls for the application purpose - under active mode - to handle anytime redundancy.
  • We have separate secured and encryption-based servers attached to our databases.
  • We have professional managers and IT experts with 15+ years of experience to handle all related queries.
  • We have our in-house application development team with support services.

Our Services

Domestic Money Transfer

Money Transfer means to send money from one place to another place anywhere in the Nation. You can transfer the amount to the beneficiary having an account in the same bank or in a different bank. Money transfer is now easy and hassle-free. Just Carry your cash and walk-in to any Find Your Wish Retailer Outlets, provide basic details and money transferred to receivers account instantly. Find Your Wish is one of the best financial service providers and the authorized National Business Correspondent which has developed a unique platform to meet the remittance need of visitors in unbanked areas.

AEPS (Aadhar Enable Payment System)

Aadhaar (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is a unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The AEPS system's main purpose is to allow all banking & financial services to customers all through the Aadhaar. A transaction will be successful only when the Aadhaar authentication is successful.

Indo-Nepal Money Transfer

Find Your Wish is proud to offer a truly international Money Transfer service i.e. Indo Nepal Money Transfer, we enable Nepali Community to send money to their belongings in Nepal with automatic currency conversion. We are committed to providing excellent service & always eager to help our customers.

Mini ATM | Micro ATM

Micro ATM meant to be a device that is used by a billion Business Correspondents (BC) to deliver key banking services. The platform will enable Business Correspondents (who could be a local corner store owner and will act as micro ATM) to conduct instant transactions.

BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System)

BBPS online platform gives you the freedom to pay any kind of bills hassle-free way You can pay bill such as:Telephone Bills ,Water Bills,Gas Bills,Direct-to-home (DTH) Bills ,Electricity Bills.All bill payments through the BBPS platform are 100% secure and reliable. Also, you get immediate payment confirmation receipt in the form of SMS, Email, Paper receipts. Also, it is a precious & user-friendly platform. It serves as a useful, cost-effective & timesaving process and enhances consumer confidence and experience. You can pay bills timely from anywhere.

Local Services:

Find Your Wish has transformed local services ecosystem through a powerful need fulfillment and monetization platform that generates qualified, parameterized leads to a large number of local SMBs in 20 cities.


Find Your Wish offering online marketplace to sellers so that sellers can publish their product offering with a price and information about the product's features and qualities. Potential customers can search and browse goods, compare price and quality, and then purchase the goods directly from the seller.




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